Exploring the goodness
of Nordic berries

Berry Lab’s R&D team focuses on the inherent healthy properties of wild Nordic berries. The goal is to develop berry-based natural food products and concepts with specific and proven positive health effects on human metabolism.

Experimental studies indicate that several of the wild berries that are abundant in the Nordic forests could be of interest as raw materials for creating functional food concepts.

Straightforward as the process might seem, one must bear in mind that one single berry consists of thousands of different molecules. The set-up of antioxidants, lipids, acids, fibers, vitamins etc. can vary substantially depending on e.g. place of growth, weather, ripening, storage conditions, and processing. Thus, the development of quality-assured products calls for new knowledge about exactly which components, alone, or combined with others, can have which function.

Berry Lab’s research activities comprise thorough mapping of a range of raw material candidates, evaluation of health benefits in experimental studies and controlled clinical trials in humans. Areas of interest are, among others weight management, cognitive improvement, and the reduction of low-grade inflammation.

Nordic berries – a sleeping resource

During a normal berry-year, more than 500 000 tonnes of wild berries grow in the Swedish forests alone. Most common are the bilberries, followed by lingonberries, and cloudberries. Only around 5% are commercially harvested, and more than 90% are left in the forests.